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Huelva City

Huelva City is located in the province of the same name, in the autonomous community of  Andalusia. The province borders the provinces of Cadiz and Seville and also Portugal.

A relatively untouched region, in foreign tourism terms, Huelva is a good choice for those looking to discover a different side to Andalusia. Huelva City has much to offer, the pedestrianised old town, the historical buildings and splendid architecture and the wonderful local cuisine.

Huelva City is also where Christopher Columbus organised and set sail on his trip to the New World.

The rich mineral mining in the area brought the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans to Huelva; and of course, later, the Moors, who left their mark on much of the city.

However, Huelva is most famous for being the port town in which, in the 15th century, Christopher Columbus recruited sailors and prayed to the town’s patron saint for a safe journey.

About Huelva
Today Huelva is a large, sprawling and industrialised city with a population of 141,000. Heavy industrial plants line much of the waterfront at Odiel and stretch far to the south.

The atmospheric neighbourhood of Reina Victoria Alonso is a wonderful place to explore, or visit the Alonso Sanchez Park, which affords fabuous views of the city.

Other points of interest in Huelva include the Muelle del Tinto docks, built at the beginning of the century to load Huelva’s mineral exports. The Conquero Lookout and the provincial museum.

Huelva is a mecca for those interested in Christopher Columbus, with a number of significant tourist attractions about the famous explorer. The commemorative monument to Christopher Columbus sits watching over the Rio Tinto. The monument was designed and crafted by the American sculptress, Gertrude Whitney.

Natural surroundings
Huelva makes a good base for visiting the nearby Marismas del Odiel wetlands and the Coto Donana national park.

Huelva Cuisine

Much of Huelva’s cuisine incorporates fresh fish and seafood, which can be found in the local city markets. The popular Mercado del Carmen is
a good place to head, where you can buy cuttlefish, shrimps, tiger prawns, shellfish and much more.

Typical dishes include monkfish in white wine, or skate cooked with paprika, chachinas (cured pork
sausages) and fresh meats from Andevalo and the Sierra Onubense.

Huelva also produces some excellent wines from the Condado de Huelva.

Huelva has a typical Mediterranean climate, with extremely mild winters and long, hot summer days.


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